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Peabody Number: 42-12-30/3393
Display Title: Bag
Inventory Description: Organic, woven fiber, bag, striped, multicolored design, folded, 2 tassels
Object Description: Bag of warp-faced weave with stripes of motifs with 5 circles, 8 points woven with complementary warps: red/gold, blue/gold camelid. Between patterned stripes are stripes of 1-1 plainweave in blue, red, gold, brown camelid (z-2s, 28 epcm.). Folded across bottom, seamed up sides with loose overcast stitches. At lower corners thick, tassel-like fringes of dark red camelid (4x-2s) stitched on. Four selvages. Weft: dark brown camelid, (z-2s), 6 epcm.
Woven Fiber
Late Nazca
Late horizon
South America/Peru
Geo-Locale: Peru, South coast?
Materials: Fiber
Dimensions: Overall: 38.6 x 35.2 cm (15 3/16 x 13 7/8 in.)
Quantity: 1