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Collections records may contain language, reflecting past collecting practices and methods of analysis, that is no longer acceptable. The Peabody Museum is committed to addressing the problem of offensive and discriminatory language present in its database. Our museum staff are continually updating these records, adding to and improving content.

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Sorted AscendingPeabody NumberDisplay Title Classification Culture/Period Geography/Provenience
42-28-30/4632 7 pointed stone star club Ground Stone Inca Peru
46-77-30/6936 Wooden kero with painted designs Wood Peru
46-81-30/5552 Doughnut shaped stone mace Perforated Stone Inca Cuzco Region
46-81-30/5553 Star-shaped stone mace head Ground Stone Inca Cuzco Region
46-81-30/5558 Metal axe Axe Inca Cuzco Region
46-81-30/5576 Wooden kero Utensil Inca Cuzco Region
46-81-30/5578 Wooden kero Utensil Inca Cuzco
974-10-30/8904 Polychromed wood & gesso figure of standing male, wearing tunic with decorative Figurine Colonial Period; Inca Peru
974-10-30/8905 Wood and gesso polychrome figure, standing male, unbearded. wears coak and tunic Figurine Colonial Period; Inca Peru
974-10-30/8906 Wood, gesso and polychromed standing figure. unbearded male. one arm and sun emb Figurine Colonial Period; Inca Peru